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Handbags, laptop bags, and server aprons designed to fit your lifestyle


My name is Holly and here is a little about me... 

I have always had a passion for design and fashion and started sewing with guidance from my mother and grandmother when I was young. However, rural South Dakota isn’t known for its fashion scene so I moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota and graduated with a BS in Clothing Design. It wasn’t until after graduation that I realized it wasn’t clothing I wanted to make, it was handbags and other accessories. In 2010 I created Hew Designs and started hand crafting laptop bags, purses, tote bags, restaurant aprons, and a few other items. Hew Designs is about creating fashionable and functional items that shows off the wearers individual style while keeping them organized. Most items are one of a kind or are made in limited quantity to ensure the buyer is getting something truly original. 

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.
— Gianni Versace

I am always searching for new fabrics that inspire me. Smooth velvet, soft chenille, durable vinyl, and classic cottons are a few of my favorites. Sometimes I’ll find a fabric in an unusual color or print and I know someone out there is dying for a crushed orange velveteen purse or a chartreuse cotton laptop bag. I love when a client comes to me and wants a custom design. It pushes me to create something unique and to think differently. A few of my favorite pieces have come from custom orders, just let me know what I can design for you. 

So why the aprons? I started waiting tables after my freshman year of college so wearing an apron became almost an every day occurrence. It didn’t take long for me to become frustrated by the simple apron my employer gave me. I hated getting ink on my fingers, lint and crumbs would stick to my pens, I didn’t have pockets so my coins and lipbalm would just mingle around with my coasters and check presenters and it was a mess. I decided to make my own new and improved apron that had a little zip pocket to hold my small items and narrow short pockets to keep my pens upright. So simple but so awesome! I know not everyone needs to be this organized, but it sure made my years in the industry a little simpler. I now have 7 different apron styles that I sell on Etsy and enjoy doing large orders for restaurants. 


-  Holly Walter


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